Lorna Hamilton


Lorna completed her BSc in Zoology at the University of St Andrews where her thesis looked at the effect of shipping noise on the calling behaviour of northern right whales.  After graduating, Lorna moved to Western Australia where she worked on a variety of projects investigating population abundance, social structure, foraging ecology and effects of human disturbance on bottlenose dolphins with Murdoch University Cetacean Research Unit.  She has experience in marine mammal strandings and also volunteers with the Alaska Whale Foundation assisting with fluke matching and cataloguing.  Most recently, she worked on a marine mammal monitoring project on the west coast of Ireland with the Coastal and Marine Research Centre to investigate potential impacts of the installation of a shell pipeline in Broadhaven Bay.  Lorna joins SAERI as an assistant on the “Dolphins of the kelp: Data priorities for Falklands’ inshore cetaceans” project.