Katie Brigden

PhD Student

Katie studied for a BSc in Environmental Science at the University of Plymouth, completing her studies in 2006. After graduating she spent time working in the UK with the Devon Wildlife Trust, and in Tanzania working on a scientific research project investigating coral reefs, the intertidal habitat and local exploitation of intertidal species.

In 2009 Katie returned to Plymouth University to study for an MSc in Applied Marine Science, for which she was awarded funding from NERC and the Marine Aggregate Levy Sustainability Fund. Her research project was a study into an inshore cuttlefish fishery in Devon, investigating spawning areas from the fishermen’s perspective and the potential for utilising artificial egg laying structures.

Following on from her MSc Katie worked as Marine Biologist for the British Antarctic Survey, based at the King Edward Point research station on South Georgia. In this role she carried out work on the three species which are the focus of South Georgia’s commercial fisheries – krill, mackerel icefish and toothfish. Of these three species, a large part of her work was investigating toothfish and it is the Patagonian toothfish which will be the focus of her PhD research.